Toronto Streetcar Wedding | Adrienne and Gavin

May 28, 2019

Photographing a wedding on a traveling streetcar through Toronto was definitely a unique experience, and on one my favourites to date. In case anyone reading this is in the early planning stages of an intimate Toronto wedding, and still searching for something a little different (and budget friendly), I urge you to consider contacting the TTC about a ceremony on board. 

This love story has been in the blog queue for a while now. A+G have the biggest, warmest hearts and most contagious smiles. Their genuine love filled day was was stress-free, fun and completely them.

Adrienne got ready in her bedroom of her childhood home with her mother and best friend. She and Gavin shared an emotional first look in the backyard followed by some photos and lunch before guests made their way to the streetcar yard. Coolers of champagne and guests slowly filled the car and soon enough we had arrived at Adrienne’s stop. You may already know that I adore working with couples that are madly in love and can get lost in a moment with each other. Meet Adrienne and Gavin. These two have that amazing deep love connection and the ability to let go and just be present with each other.

As Adrienne stepped onto the streetcar, through a huge smile Gavin’s eyes immediately filled with tears. I asked Adrienne about seeing each other before the ceremony (below), as I often have couples concerned that it will spoil ‘the big moment’. I’m not here to talk anyone into a first look, but it seems it only settles nerves and allows couples to have that time together with just each other. As a bonus, you get to attend cocktail hour!

After making it official aboard the streetcar, we made one more stop for some photos before arriving at our final destination for their reception at The Rushton. Hugs, beer, and good eats took over from that point.

I adored their day and the personal details that went into it including the photo of Adrienne and her late father carried in a locket on her bouquet and the custom beer cap boutonnières worn by the groomsmen – so cool!! A little shout out to Flying Monkeys, proudly represented on Gavin’s lapel, my favourite local brewer and Gavin’s employer. I’m excited to finally share some highlights from this beauty day. Our gorgeous joyful bride and her and handsome groom with his glorious beard are so perfectly paired and madly in love. Grab a pint a take a look!

Some thoughts and feedback from the couple:

How did you meet?
As many people do these days, we found love in the digital era through our phones. You could call us a Tinder success story!
We bonded over great conversation about shared passions: travel, beer, our love of running and an enthusiasm for trying new things. From there, it just seemed to come so naturally. Since bonding over a pint on that beautiful September night in 2014, we’ve shared many adventures and much laughter. We now live in Hillcrest Village (blocks from where Adrienne grew up), with our cats: Starbuck and Apollo. Gavin still pretends that he is not a cat person.

How he proposed
Gavin surprised me when I came home on a Sunday morning in December. He said wonderful things about his love of our life and the adventures we would go on in our future. As soon as I realized what he was doing, I started crying and said yes yes Yes Yes YES! He said “I haven’t asked yet” haha.  He then pulled out a beautiful antique ring and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I said yes with tears streaming down my face and giggling at the same time. So excited to marry my best friend and the most loving man I have ever known!

What was your favourite moment of the wedding day?
Our first look meeting. It allowed me to connect with Gavin without everyone around. It gave us a chance to get rid of the nerves and share a laugh. So much joy in that moment. And my second favourite was when I arrived at the front of the streetcar, our officiant told me to turn around and look. I did and felt a wave of emotion as I took in all the wonderful faces.

What surprised you on the wedding day?
How I was able to completely let go of the day and enjoy it so completely. I said to myself that morning “I’m going to be married to the best guy today, so nothing else matters”. This allowed me to focus on what was important and not stress about details or things that went wrong

Would you recommend other couples have a first look?
YES! For two reasons. Firstly, you get this incredibly intimate moment together on a day that is filled with other people and responsibilities. Secondly, it allows for photos to be done early when everyone is fresh. No need to be pulled away from the action after the ceremony

Any advice for couples at the beginning of the planning stage?
Pick the 3 things that are most important to you about your wedding. Then spend your time and money to make those happen. And don’t worry about anything else.

Bridal Dress Shop: Jealous Bridesmaids
Brides Shoes: Tieks
Hair Stylist: Asumi at Hairplay salon
Make-up Artist: Justine Feeley
Jewelry Hair Comb: Bridal Project (Etsy)
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom’s Suit: Surmesur
Groom’s tie clip: ThingsUncommon (Etsy)
Groom’s tie: Frederick Thomas of London
Flowers: Delta Dawn
Reception Venue: The Rushton
Wedding Cake: Jennifer Valencia Curtin
Officiant: Derek Strachan
Blog Curation: Tallie Garey