Mark it with a ‘B’ | Sugarbird Cakery | Pickering, ON

April 19, 2012

Cake making is serious business! I had the pleasure of spending an evening with my camera in the Sugardbird Cakery kitchen, and left with a newfound appreciation for the art of baking. I arrived shortly after the actual cake baking, and was present for the preparation of all the goodness that goes on top. Not only is this work labour intensive, but it also requires a great deal of creativity, patience, patience, and more patience! The cake I shadowed was referred to as an ‘easy one’ which had me fooled.
Cheryl Stager and her Mother Jennifer, started their business after doing what they love saw orders flowing in by word of mouth. As the word continued to spread, the Mother and daughter team decided it was time to grow their passion and talent into a small business venture. Here’a a little behind the scenes of some cake making mastery with the lovely and talented Cheryl!

And so it begins with the sweet stuff!

Sifting icing sugar!

This much icing requires two batches!

Once mixed, the icing is added to a pipping bag for easy application.

I may or may not have eaten the remains seen here…

 Beginning with the first two layers, the edges are carefully iced in preparation for stacking.

Up next, a very careful transport from the counter to the cake-top.

Bam! In place like a pro! Gentle patting to ensure adequate adhesion.

A little more icing for the third layer…

This where it gets real! As in TONS of icing!

Again, ensuring even distribution to maintain shape and level to host the next layer, fondent.

Fondent time! The kitchen aroma instantly intensifies…wafting marshmallow-land smell takes over. Amazing!

Rollin’ it out! And yes, later we will mark it with a ‘B’!

It’s all about precision over here. Measurements, cutting, and correct level all play an important role.

Cuts like butter!

Another tool makes an appearance. I don’t recall the name of this one, but it produces a wide and even flat strip without the use of a roller.
Check out Cheryl’s gun form. Pretty bad ass!

Now that the fondent has been placed, it’s time to take some more measurements, for the embellishments!

Setting the stage for 1 million more little blue stipes to follow. Approximately.

Guns and knives! Oh my! In all seriousness, many tools are used to assit these talented hands. This is the part where patience is in high gear.

Looking good! About a quarter of the way there…

Each little blue strip is painted with water on one side to help create a nice sticky adhesion.

Some more pro-baker tools! This little flour bag is genius for lightly dusting the workspace.

Moving along to the finer details… Using coloured fondent and a mould, beautiful round string-pearls are created.

How cool is this?

We call this the ‘homestretch’!

Theses guys were made in advance. We can’t reveal ALL of the Sugarbird’s secrets!

Deciding on final placement!

The finished product! Perfectly adorable, almost too nice to eat. The most important ingredient here is LOVE!


Just got back from having dinner with Jack and Mabel. Jack mentioned that you and your Mum are making cakes. Very impressive.

That was pretty cool! Well done Cheryl.

Incredible Cheryl!!