Alex and Justin were married on the first weekend of summer and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.
After losing their original venue, read more about that here, The Lakehouse in Pickering turned out to be the perfect setting to host these high school sweethearts.
The morning started out for the ladies with hair and makeup at home which was on schedule (yay) leaving plenty of time for mimosas and photos ops with charming ole Chuck, A&J’s furry companion. The fellas got ready at Justin’s parents home and arrived to the church ahead of the ladies to delve into some classic board game fun. Following a short and super sweet ceremony at Kedron United Church in Oshawa, we headed to historic Pickering Museum Village for photos.
Larger wedding parties can be a different kind of challenge, but this group is so incredible and easy to work with and each one of them just mean the world to A&J. And where to begin with our lovely couple! When two people care so deeply for one another, it’s like nothing else matters, as is the case with these two. ALL OF THE LOVE between them. Alex & Justin enjoyed some alone time together traveling between venues in a gorgeous vintage Bentley. Except for the time I squished between them to ride back to my car – thanks guys! Their entire day was just filled to the brim with emotion and all around good vibes and I am so happy that I was there to document all of it. Congratulations guys!! xo

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  1. Shannon said:
    October 17, 2016  10:20 pm
  2. Christine Axhorn said:
    Such a special couple much love! Was a beautiful day & gorgeous pictures! Glad to have shared it with them! ❤️️
    October 17, 2016  11:35 pm
  3. Erin said:
    Oh I loved this. Her dress is so beautiful!
    October 28, 2016  1:23 pm
  4. Jennifer said:
    Such a beautiful wedding - I LOVE those robesssssss
    October 28, 2016  2:19 pm
  5. Olivia said:
    You captured this wedding so beautifully Ashlea! Gorgeous photos.
    October 28, 2016  2:43 pm
  6. Jo Haley said:
    You really get the feel of the day in these pictures. ?
    October 28, 2016  7:11 pm
  7. Jenny Thompson said:
    I love the story you told of their wedding day. It really makes me feel like I was there! Beautiful images :)
    November 2, 2016  9:27 am

An adventurous couple + the sweetest yellow lab + a warm summer night = the perfect recipe for an engagement session.

Laura contacted me back in January about her Penryn Park wedding, which happens to be one of my all time favourite venues. Of course I was excited to meet with her, but after getting to know both her and Trevor, I knew they were a perfect fit. Solid in their relationship and life together, super laid back and just genuinely good people. As an added bonus, they also happen to be very good looking. And let’s talk about their furry companion, Higgins. He may have not made the cut as a support dog, but he’s earned a spot in my heart! Aww, love you buddy!

After a hike through the woods, bravely climbing atop fallen trees, and a little swim for Higgs’, I think we made some pretty cute pictures together.

L+T, we can’t wait to celebrate with you tomorrow! xo

Durham Region Wedding PhotographerWhitby_Engagement_09Whitby_Engagement_10
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This was my last engagement session, pre-baby with the lovely Alex and Justin at The Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.
If you haven’t been during the winter, you have got to visit. The rink is pretty rad. It has a unique industrial feel, and it’s kind of romantic under the string lights, exposed beams and evergreen gardens moulding the oval skate track. We shot on yet another mild February day, perfect for ice skating, and muddy walks.

I met Alex and Justin while shooting Jessica and Russell’s wedding last summer and I knew right away they were going to be so much fun to work with. They have also handled with grace, a bride and groom’s worst nightmare. With zero notice, their venue closed the doors just 2 months from the wedding date. These two have been put to the test scrambling to find a new location, then updating guests, and reworking all the details in between. I truly admire how they have handled everything.

A+J, you two are amazing humans and deserve the best wedding day with no interruptions. Should anything minor arise, I know you’ll brush it off.
By the way, we are SO excited to document your big day tomorrow at The Lakehouse in Pickering!!!

Evergreen Brickworks Engagement2016-06-23_0003Evergreen Brickworks EngagementIce skating engagement torontoIce skating engagement torontoIce skating winter engagement toronto
Brickworks Toronto ice skatingBrickworks TorontoBrickworks Toronto Engagement2016-06-23_0013
Toronto Brickworkswinter engagement torontowinter engagement toronto2016-06-23_0024winter engagement torontowinter engagement torontowinter engagement torontotoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographertoronto engagement photographer

I love living in a country where we can truly experience all four seasons and appreciate the beauty of nature. Oh Canada! But the absence of snow in southern Ontario this past winter, and the fluctuating temperatures, mostly just damp, overcast and cold enough to require thick layers, was plain frustrating – especially when the highlight of winter for myself and many of my couples is snow.
Kaitlyn and Gavin originally from Ontario, and now living in Alberta, were home for the Christmas holidays when we met up to shoot their engagement photos in Whitby at Heber Down Conservation Area. Keeping a couple of dates open, we watched the forecast and were hopeful to see some of the white stuff. Sadly, it did not arrive. It was however, really really cold that afternoon, but these two kept each other warm and were full of smiles and laughter the entire time. These lovebirds are honestly too cute for words. Just look at them!! K&G thank you for being a dream to photograph!
I cannot wait to document your wedding day this summer at The Royal Ashburn. xo

Heber Down Whitby Engagement
Heber Down Whitby EngagementHeber Down Whitby EngagementHeber Down Whitby EngagementWhitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G09Whitby Engagement PhotoWhitby Engagement PhotographyWhitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G15Whitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G19Whitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G18Whitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G20

Durham Region Engagement PhotographerWhitby_Engagement_Photos_K+G26
Whitby Ontario Engagement

Jessica and Russell’s backyard wedding was easily a favourite from last season. From the relaxed country feel to all of the beautiful ‘made with love’ decor, gorgeous wedding party, and welcoming family, we were so thrilled to be included in their special day. Jessica had the best first look with her bridesmaids, SO adorable. This wedding also takes the cake for best ceremony exit to date, which took our bride & groom on a John Deer tractor through downtown Cobourg. Ahhhmazing! Scroll down to see for yourself!
J&R, met as teenagers working in fast food. Their shared appreciation for BBQ & ribs, which was served as the main dish on their wedding day, perfectly complemented their down to earth personalities and wedding theme. There was never a moment where we sensed any form or stress from these two. The weather flipped between sunshine and rain showers the entire day and everyone was all smiles, totally embracing it! It makes my heart so happy when couples can fall into what the day is really about and not allow any hiccups affect with their vibe.
Congratulations Jess & Russ! Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us. x

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Cobourg Ontario yard wedding, Durham Region Wedding PhotographerCobourg Ontario yard weddingCobourg Ontario yard weddingCobourg Ontario yard weddingDurham Region Wedding Photographer 2016-01-14_0015Cobourg Ontario yard wedding

  1. I LOVEEEEE her engagement ring and all of these photographs. So gorgeous!!
    January 21, 2016  2:13 pm
  2. A said:
    What a beautiful day! Lovely work capturing the emotions and style of this charming backyard wedding.
    January 21, 2016  3:57 pm
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